Rainbow Row Labradoodles

Mini Puppy – Update: He has a new family!

18 Jun 2018 14:55

UPDATE: He has a new family! This beautiful little boy is currently available to a qualified family due to unforeseen circumstances. He had a family waiting on him for months, but last minute were unable to continue with their commitment due to a family challenge. He is a mini Australian Labradoodle, expected to mature around more »

Emery and Chewy Pups are 4 Weeks Old!

21 May 2018 14:43

These babies are 4 weeks old and doing great. They are growing, playing, eating and sleeping. We started a blended meal of formula and kibble this weekend so they are eating out of a bowl three times a day as well as nursing. We have no availability in this litter at this time. If you more »

Beautiful Caramel Male- has been adopted

9 May 2018 03:43

Update- Blue has been adopted. Blue Collar boy is AVAILABLE to one lucky family. He is 8 weeks old and he is ready to go home now. He is expected to be between 40-45 pounds and has a gorgeous straight to wavy fleece coat. Blue collar is eager to receive affection. He comes readily when more »

Emery and Chewy Pups are 2 Weeks old!

8 May 2018 14:15

Emery and Chewy’s mini litter are now 2 weeks old and growing so quickly. Their eyes are opening, but they still sleep a lot. Emery is being a great mom and they are all very content. This litter reservation list is full for now, but if you are interested, please join the next reservation list more »

Emery and Chewy’s Pups are 1 Week Old!

28 Apr 2018 18:31

Emery and Chewy’s pups are 1 week old doing very well. Their eyes are still closed and they spend most of their time nursing and sleeping. Emery is being a wonderful mother and is doing very well herself. This litter reservation list is full at this time. Enjoy this weeks pictures!

Emery and Chewy Pups are here!!

24 Apr 2018 02:38

Emery and Chewy have brought us 5 beautiful mini Australian Labradoodle puppies in shades of caramel. Emery is doing well and is being a wonderful mom. The puppies are all healthy and thriving. We do not have any availability in this litter at this time. Our next mini litter is expected around October. Enjoy the more »

Stella and Porter Pups are 6 Weeks old!

21 Apr 2018 15:57

Stella and Porter’s puppies are 6 weeks old and developing sweet personalities. They eat hard kibble 3 times a day, love to play and still love to nap. They visited the vet this week and received a set of vaccines and everyone had a great check-up. We have one puppy available in this litter and more »

Stella and Porter Pups are 5 Weeks Old! One spot is available!

14 Apr 2018 00:52

Stella and Porter puppies are 5 weeks old! They are eating from a bowl 3 times a day, playing and learning more about the world every day. Today was their first time outdoors! They learned about outdoor sights, sounds, and smells. We have only ONE reservation spot left in this beautiful litter. If you are more »

Stella and Porter Pups are 4 Weeks old!

8 Apr 2018 14:28

Stella and Porter pups are 4 weeks old. They are eating from a bowl 3 times a day and still nursing from Mama Stella. They are starting to play and explore the world. They still need a lot of sleep because they are growing and developing quickly. There is still some availability in this litter. more »

Stella and Porter Pups are 3 Weeks old!

30 Mar 2018 21:47

Stella and Porter puppies are 3 weeks old and starting to explore their world. They can see and hear and are walking! They still nurse from mom and are learning how to play with littermates. There is still availability in this litter so please get your puppy application in now if you want a puppy more »

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